Commercial Use

This license type allows customers to use the images that they purchase for commercial, web or digital purposes. 

  • Customers may:

    • Use the images for commercial purposes

    • Use the images on their websites, blogs or other digital media

  • Customers may not: 

    • Use the images in offline media such as:

      • Print

      • TV

      • Film

    • Sub-license or resell the images

    • Transfer or distribute the images to another party

    • Provide others within their organization access to the images

    • Use the image in their own logo or trademark

    • Use the image in any illegal manner (e.g., pornography, defamatory content etc.)

In addition, the following terms apply:

  • Customers are not required to credit you when using the images, except for editorial purposes where “ Licensor Name” should be added.

  • If a customer makes any changes to the original image, the rights of the original image remain with you. 

No Refunds on purchases.