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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

If you are looking for a unique travel experience Estonia is one to place on your bucket list. It is home to a Gothic Style Medieval Old Town, forests galore, Beautiful Baltic Beaches and the remnants of a viking legacy. This is one country that stands out from the crowd.

1 By the Sea

Estonia is located by the Baltic Sea bordering with Latvia and Russia. Of its 1.3 million citizens 400,000 live in the capital Tallinn, the largest city in Estonia.

2 Old Town

Tallinn is home to its UNESCO listed Old Town. It features gothic style medieval architecture and cobble stone streets. It was once home to wealthy merchants from Germany and Denmark.

3 Medieval Architecture

The Old Town dates back to the 14th century, it was originally 2.4km long and 16m high with 46 watch towers, today there are 20 watch towers and 1.9km remains of the medieval town.

4 Very Clean

In 2011 a WHO study found Estonia to have the cleanest air in the world.

5 Mother of inventions

Skype was created in Estonia and it was the first country to use on line voting in elections. Wifi can also be found pretty much anywhere in Estonia even in parks and it is mostly free.

6 Maze of Tunnels

Underneath the Old Town is a maze of tunnels built in the 17th century. During WWII locals would these as bomb shelters.

7 Christmas has been around awhile

The town hall has existed since 1322, and a Christmas tree has been displayed in the square since 1441.

8 Forest playground

Almost 50% of the country is actually a forest!

9 Big Views

Kohtuotsa Viewpoint is a popular site, here you can enjoy a panoramic view above the old town and the city surrounds.

10 Independence Day

Estonia celebrates its independence day on 24 February. It was on February 24th in 1918 when they declared freedom from soviet rule, it is now a national holiday.

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