10 fun facts about Switzerland

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Famous for its sweeping alpine mountain views, snowy peaks, cow bells, chocolate and cheese visiting Switzerland is nothing short of an epic adventure.

1. Independent Nation

Officially known as the Swiss Confederation it has been an independent country since 1499, although it was occupied by Napoleon between 1798 and 1815.

It is not run by one head of state but by a seven member executive council and presidents are elected for one year and are regarded as ‘’primus inter pares’’ First among equals. Any law passed by government can be challenged by citizens to hold a national vote.

2 Small but big in Happiness

Switzerland is a small landlocked country and shares borders with Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, France and Italy. It is home to approx. 8 million in population and is considered the happiest places on earth to live in a survey taken in 2015 by the World happiness report.

3 Hiking Extravaganza

Known for its infamous Swiss Alps it is home to 208 mountains over 3,000m high and 24 over 4,000m, the highest being Monte Rosa at 4634m. There are also more than 1500 lakes, the biggest lake is Geneva Lake.

4 Top of Europe

One of Switzerland’s top attraction is the top of Europe. From Lauterbrunnen you can take the 2 hr train ride up Europe’s highest train station on the Jungfrau Railway 3454m above sea level. Here you can check out the view on the sphinx observation deck with 360 panoramic views of the snowy mountains of the Aletsch Glacier, visit the Ice Palace with its ice sculptures , check out a giant snow globe or just play in the snow.

5 Chocolate Heaven

A chocolate lovers dream, the Swiss are the world’s biggest chocolate exporters. In 2012 alone eighteen Swiss chocolate companies produced 172,376 tons of chocolate. It is also the biggest consumer of chocolate at 11.3kg per year.

6 Everyone is bilingual

It has four official languages Swiss German, Swiss French, Italian and Romansch. Depending from which part of Switzerland you are from you would speak one or more of these.

7 War, what is it good for?

Although considered a Neutral country for the past 200 years when it comes to being prepared the Swiss are all over it! They have enough bunkers in the country to house the entire population in case of nuclear war and also have rigged main bridge access points with explosives to stop any incoming invasions.

8 Committee Power House

They may be prepared for war by they are the home to some of the world most well-known peace keeping committees and aid providers such as United nations, World Health Organisation, Red Cross, to name a few.

9 Public Transport Numero Uno

Considered to have one of the world’s best public transport systems in the world, it has an extensive rail network at 5,232km. 99% of which are electric and its power grid 75% hydroelectric. This also makes it one of the world’s most environment friendly transport systems with pretty much zero carbon emissions. It is also home to the longest tunnel system in the world the Gotthard base tunnel at 57km long.

10 Power to the People and Pets

Animals kept as pets have their own laws protecting them as well as pet lawyers! They have introduced a new law called the buddy pet system which makes it illegal to keep sociable animals on their own, they must be in pairs such as the guinea pig, mice, birds etc.

Dog owners must also pass a series of classes that teach them on how to look and care after their dog before purchase. Fish must be kept in aquariums with at least one dark side to stimulate night time so they experience night and day as they would in the wild.

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